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Connect field inspection with the monitoring and command rooms while getting live and interactive feedback with Raqeb

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RAQEB is a unique application that connect field inspection with the monitoring & control rooms and make a live and interactive connection between inspectors on field and the commander inspector offices, this application is a technical solution that use state-of-the-art digital technology in a way that provides a very high end field inspection to inspect on behalf of the client according to the laws, legislations and violations, by using the best Hi-Tech electronic systems.

  • Waste Vehicles & Environmental Facilities Inspection.

  • Waste Management Legal Violations and Field Inspections.

  • Fines Issuance and Compliance monitoring.

The system that links control centers from one hand, with the electronic contract follow-up and field inspectors on the other hand.


  • Field inspectors:

    • The application will direct inspectors in fields to any illegal dumping of waste alarms that comes from the command, Monitoring and Control Center. 

    • Also inspectors can make there inspection daily schedule.

    • Inspectors can take and send pictures of violations on spot.

    • Inspectors can send fines on spot and live.

  • Schedule directed field inspections to ensure the validity of commercial contracts and to track the e-contracts.

  • The system also works on reverse inspection by controlling and knowing the performance of inspectors in the field and the speed of responding to notifications and carrying out their daily tasks.

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