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Smart Gate

Aber Smart Gate is one of the best E-Gate solution for landfill entry. Aber Smart Gate is fully automated, the camera scans vehicle's license plate and validate the data of the vehicles and allows access to landfill if requirements are met.

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Aber Smart Gate is made in order to help clients to operate facilities through utilization of latest smart technologies available. Design and Development of smart gates with anonymous entry solutions and remote controlling 

Aber Smart Gate Operational Steps

Key Benefits Aber Smart Gate

Human Factor

Reducing human factor and resulting errors and automatically deducting fees

Comprehensive Database

Providing a comprehensive database on all entry and refusal movements and building executive reports

Auto Verification

Electronic verification of the vehicle data in terms of registration, type of license, validity, manifest, special permits,etc.

Landfill Entry

Managing and regulating the entry of visitors and workers vehicles inside the landfill

Full Control

Ensure complete control of all entrances and exits by installing automatic gates

Work Efficiency

Increase work efficiency ,speed of completion. Save time and effort on carriers

Safety for Workers

Increasing safety for workers and providing comfortable and safe work places away from the movement of vehicles

Tracking Duration

Calculating the time spent for a vehicle inside the landfill from the moment of entry to exit

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