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Smart Cities Waste

Management Systems

CAP provide services in several areas on behalf of the client, within the highest quality standards and controls with smart management solutions in areas such as Licensing, ESP Qualifications, Waste Tariff Systems Development & smart offices support.

Smart Waste

Monitoring Solutions

CAP provides smart government grade waste monitoring solutions that covers a wide range of features. Our solution allows governments & cities to uncover and finally understand the complex dynamics of their waste production and treatment.

  • Tracking Tools

  • Smart Regulation Management System

  • Contract Compliance Monitoring System

  • Inspector App

  • Driver App

Inspection App.png

Smart dashboard development

Creating of dashboards that reflects operation performance and capture live data into efficient systems for monitoring activities:

  • Hot spots, red zones for illegal dump site and municipal violations on the city master plan.

  • Number of violence and alerts classified by sector.

  • Industrial, active, and critical districts including waste generations by territories.

  • Commercial sectors and sub sectors classified by activity.

Smart dashboard development

Smart Tariff & fee structuring & collections

Implementation of high advanced tariff system and providing the required infrastructure to allow for the collection of fees and tariffs related to services, such as:

  • Building and operating systems for smart parking and car location detections.

  • Smart gates and entrance organizing.

  • Waste recycling centers and segregation units.

pay as you throw.png


Tariff and fee structuring and collections

Robotic Process Automation

Provide system robotics techniques to help the governmental ministries & municipalities in automation of their city management processes & services such as:

  • Monitoring/ tracking mobile trucks operational plans.

  • Smart inventory for mobile equipment with infrastructure projects.

  • Electronic prequalification for all contractors and sub-contractors on maintenance and services projects.

  • Electronic supervision of operational plans for mega construction projects.

  • Registration of engineering consultants on the electronic system.

  • Integration with other systems related to city projects management.


Smart and dynamic database system

Architecting high end database systems for municipalities help in automation of data collection and continuous update related to city infrastructure projects includes:

  • Sites, manpower, equipment, vehicles.

  • Contractors, subcontractors, operational plans.

  • Engineering consultants.

  • Service providers and suppliers.

Smart and dynamic database system
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