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Intelligent Waste Solutions

We provide tailor made smart environmental solutions that integrating well establish waste management technologies to provide full waste world class management towards Zero Waste. We are providing the most intelligent waste tracking solution (E-Manifest) and (E-contracts) that track waste from source of generation to treatment/disposal waste end life.

Bolisaty (e-Manifest) consist of a very robust core platform with multiple connected SMART IoT devices which feed information from ground without human intervention. It also introduces many smart services to all stockholders which changes dramatically the operational efficiency of the business processes and helps in building a comprehensive knowledgebase with much higher accuracy to support strategical decision making.



The gates and electronic scales of landfills linked, which helps to track the waste from the place of its origin to its arrival to the landfills or approved treatment plants according to the type of waste, through the collection and transportation operations. The gates will be controlled to identify the vehicles according to the type of activity they are licensed to perform.

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A system links control centers on the one hand, with the electronic contract follow-up and field inspectors on the other hand.

  • Field inspectors to be directed to any illegal dumping of waste alarms that comes from the command, Monitoring and Control Center.

  • Schedule directed field inspections to ensure the validity of commercial contracts and to track the e-contracts.

  • Inspectors can issue violations directly on the violators.

  • The system also works on reverse inspection by controlling and knowing the performance of inspectors in the field and the speed of responding to notifications and carrying out their daily tasks.


Project Implementation Steps

Baseline Assessment

Development of Integrated Systems

System Integration

Inspection & Enforcement

Command & Control

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Waste Reduction Machines

CAP Provides smart waste reduction solutions perfect for the government and businesses that produces large amount of waste. the following devices help in storing much more waste than an ordinary waste bin while providing way more features.


Smart Waste Bin

8x More Waste 

Smart bin is an IoT based product which help to raise the efficiency of the waste industry which empowers cities to become Clean & Green.

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