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Waste Compactor

(Smart Bin)

Smart bin is an IoT based product which help to raise the efficiency of the waste industry which empowers cities to become Clean & Green.

Solar Powered Smart Bin

Solar-powered waste compactor which can hold up to 5 times more waste compared to non-compacting bin

Powered by Solar Energy

Contains solar panel on top of the smart bin which powers up the whole bin to make it a perfect eco-friendly machine

Level Control Sensor

The sensor keeps you updated with the amount of waste inside the smart bin and sends a notification for disposal

GPS Location Tracking

Has GPS Locator that is connected to the network which makes it easy to locate all the smart bins in any area


Up to 5 Times More Waste

Can fit 5 times more waste than regular sized bin, with modern compressing technology to contain as much more waste

Wheelie Bin Compatible 

The smart bin is flexible and can transport easily with the help of implementing wheels to move around

Wireless Data Transmission

Has wireless transmission that provides wifi connection with internet access for the public

Sustainable Energy For Modern & Intelligent Solutions

Main Feature

Compaction system with 300kgf allows to collect 5 times more of waste compared to ordinary waste bins. Smart Bin's slim design is fit to be installed in/exterior & and is very easy to use.

Smart Bin is more durable than before & FOTA,ToF fill level readings, interchangeable

parts have been added as additional feature. 

Asset 4.png
Asset 2.png

Technical Specification


  • Force: MAX 300kfg

  • Compression Cycle: Appr. 60Sec

  • Motor: 1/12-HP Motor(60W)

  • Drive System: Geared motor with X-frame drive (Patented)

  • Fill-Level Mesurement: ToF Distance Sensor

Safety Features

  • Hand detection safety sensor

  • Smoke detection sensor and fire suppression
  • Access locks for front door and top cover
  • Polycarbonate protective cover for solar panel

Communication & GNSS Features

  • Communication: LTE(4G)

  • Location: GPS module

  • Firmeware Over-the-Air: FOTA applied

Size Options

Asset 21.png

100 L / 28 gal

610 x 610 x 1167 mm
customized inner bin

Asset 20.png

120 L / 32 gal

624 x 762 x 1440 mm
wheelie bin compatible

Asset 19.png

240 L / 64 gal

740 x 840 x 1536 mm
wheelie bin compatible

Power Options


Solar Energy

Solar Power Only


AC Plug-in

AC power only



Both solar and AC power

Aperture Options


Hopper & Foot Pedal

Hands free hopper and foot pedal



Aperture for general type of waste



Two round shaped 

apertures for recycling

Asset 2.png

Change the future

with Us!

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